The 3 Colors of Your Gifts

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Using this tool, more than half a million people have discovered their spiritual gifts. Apart from the Three-Color Gift Test, which has become standard for gift discovery worldwide, the book includes a second popular assessment tool: The "Change Compass" shows every believer which of 6 biblical figures comes closest to their own spiritual starting point: Thomas, Martha, Mary, Moses, Peter, or Jonah. Integrating the process of gift discovery into the “three-color paradigm” of NCD, it is guaranteed that the use of spiritual gifts will result in personal growth of the members and an increase in the spiritual balance of the church.

Your 3 main benefits:
1. Unlock the potential in yourself and others
2. Maximize your fruitfulness
3. Build gift-based ministry in your church

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New: The popular Three-Color Gift Test is now also available as an eTest version. Ideally for leaders who want to help a group of people (small group, seminar participants, whole church) identify their gifts. Click on the eTest button above to directly access the Gift Test. There you will also find information about quantity discounts. The eTest version of the Gift Test is presently available in English and German. What is an eTest?