What is an eTest?

NCD has developed eTests for a wide range of areas that are crucial for personal growth. The results of an eTest give you a precise description of your present strengths and weaknesses. The number of available eTest versions is constantly enlarged.

All eTests are characterized by the following 10 features:

1 Immediate accessibility: You (and in some cases, some other people that you invite to fill in a survey for you) answer a number of questions online, and you get your results immediately after you have clicked “Calculate results.“

2 Scientific standards: All eTests in the 3 Color series are based on the research that NCD has conducted in 70,000 churches, and apply strict scientific standards.

3 User-friendly results: The results are presented in a downloadable PDF file (10-15 pages) that contains a precise description of your present situation and practical suggestions on how to proceed in order to grow.

4 Payed by tokens: Any “3 Color World” token can be used for all kinds of eTests in the 3-Color series. Quantity discounts up to 60% are available. Tokens can be purchased at http://3colorworld.org/en/tokens/get/.

5 Confidentiality: NCD International applies high standards in terms of the privacy of data. Nobody will ever see your results—with the exception of yourself and the people with whom you decide to share your profile.

6 Repeat tests: The tests are designed in a way that you can take a repeat test after a while to either check your progress or to see to what degree contextual or inner influences have changed your results.

7 Advanced profiles: For most of the eTests, you can produce advanced profiles (for instance, a Detailed Analysis) once you have received a Summary Profile.

8 Corporate application: After a number of individuals have taken their personal eTests, a corporate profile can be calculated which gives invaluable insights into the dynamics of the group as a whole.

9 Multi-language options: The eTests can be used in a constantly growing number of languages. If a given test demands several participants, each of them can answer the questions in a language of their choice.

10 Accompanied by books: Each eTest is accompanied by a book in the NCD Discipleship Resource series. The eTests can be used in conjunction with the respective books, or independently of them.

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