What is Natural Church Development (NCD)?

The Strategy: Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development has produced sustainable results in churches all over the world: both the measurable quality and the growth rates have increased significantly, regardless of culture, spiritual tradition, or demographic context. Learn more about the unique features of NCD, its theological implications, and its practical tools. A comprehensive overview of the development from NCD 1.0 to its present stage, NCD 3.0.

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The Organization: NCD International

NCD has created an international network of support for local churches, denominations, and individuals who are committed to experiencing growth, both on personal and coporate levels. Learn more about the three ministry areas of NCD International—research, resource development, and coaching. An introduction to the philosophy of the agency that sees its major purpose as an “agent of all-by-itself growth.”

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The Founder: Christian A. Schwarz

The books of Christian A. Schwarz have been published in 40 languages, making him one of the most frequently translated German authors in the area of Christian books. What personal encounters and experiences have shaped his thinking? Learn more about the spiritual values, theological convictions, and personal activities of the man who has chiefly shaped the NCD paradigm.

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