The 3 Colors of Leadership

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Twelve keys to empowering leadership—startling results from many years of research in more than 60,000 churches around the globe. This groundbreaking tool has been developed for anyone who has influence on the lives of others, whether these are three, twelve, fifty, or even thousands of people. Because of this concept, it applies to more than 80% of all active Christians and helps them grow in crucial areas of their lives. After the publication of this book, much of what has been written on leadership in the past needs to be revised.

Your 3 main benefits:
1. Discover previously unknown leadership secrets
2. Identify the factors that block your influence
3. Learn how to initiate viral processes of empowerment

The tool is available in three different versions: as eBook, paperback, and eTest (Empowerment Test).

In order to download the eBook in various languages, click on the eBook link above. The eBook includes one Empowerment Test for free, and access to a wide ranger of supporting tools for free download.

In order to get the paperback in English, click on one of the five delivery agencies below. You will be forwarded to a page that gives you more information including pricing, quantity discounts, etc. For other languages, click on a language version of your choice. Every copy of the book includes one Empowerment Test for free, and access to a wide range of supporting tools for free download.

When conducting the Empowerment Test, you invite any number of people whose lives you have influenced, to fill in an online questionnaire. The results of the profile will show you exactly which of 12 areas you should focus on. To directly access the Empowerment Test, click on the eTest button above. There you will also find information about drastic discounts when using the Empowerment Test with a (small or large) group of people. The Empowerment Test is presently available in Chinese, English, Finnish, German, Greek, Norwegian, and Russian. What is an eTest?