The Energy Synchronization Process (ESP):
The Lightness of Becoming

Christian A. Schwarz

For people who have read one or more volumes of the Energy Trilogy and want to personally experience the Energy Synchronization Process (ESP) described in the books, I am offering 1:1 training. The process focusses on the synchronization between the Cognitive System and the Energy System of the brain—a key to unlocking intrinsic motivation. The result will be, among other things, the ability to switch to the “all by itself” mode and release “all by itself” growth in oneself and others.

The energy training consists of seven sessions (75 minutes each), usually conducted via Zoom or Skype, and exercises between the sessions. The different steps of ESP are related to the individual goals and needs of each client. Whether the goal is clarity in making important decisions, changing destructive habits, developing leadership skills, finding new paths of encountering the divine, exploring the most appropriate approach to spirituality in line with one’s personality type, or releasing creativity—in all these and countless other cases ESP contributes to profound and sustainable changes within a relatively short time. The training is offered either in English and or in German.

The Energy Synchronization Process (ESP) in a nutshell. The left part of the diagram outlines the various interactions between the Energy System and the Cognitive System, whereby synchronization of the two is achieved. The boxes to the right represent practical steps that are taken in order to facilitate the theological and psychological dynamics symbolized on the left. The result is a shift into an “all by itself” mode. At that stage, people sense that things are actually taking place all by themselves, without their willpower being the driving force any longer—the lightness of becoming.

Price: Either €200 per training session (if a client opts for a shortened process) or €980 for the entire process consisting of seven sessions (i.e., €140 per session). If you are interested, please contact me directly via the following e-mail address:

Visit the ESP website or download the PDF brochure to find out all essential information about the training and how to participate. Here you can download the ESP brochure in German.