God’s Energy Volume 3: Transforming Christianity

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In the third volume of his highly-acclaimed Energy Trilogy, Christian A. Schwarz presents cutting-edge research that reveals a dramatic shift in Christian involvement in churches around the world. Many of the approaches that were celebrated as recipes for success until just a few years ago no longer work. What needs to change in churches to address the landslide shifts? What needs to happen in the heads, hands and hearts of Christians to get closer to this goal? And how can this be done in practical terms? Drawing on the biblical teaching about God's energy, Schwarz presents compelling concepts that enable individuals and groups to contribute to processes of transformation. The book can help the church recalibrate its spiritual and theological compass to get prepared for facing today's challenges.

Your three main benefits:

1. Explore the basic theological, philosophical, and psychological background of the landslide changes
2. Unlock intrinsic motivation in self and others
3. Experience the life-changing impact of the biblical energy paradigm

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